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Happy Bits n’ Pieces

Hello everyone, this post will contain a lot of little things and glimpses into different things, i hope its inspiring or interesting.. Tony Eagle got a really amazing response for such a small game, and i think the reason is that i was in a good mood when i made it – and that sense of happiness comes through in the game.

















This is a bit dull, but i tried out a low res aesthetic inside Unity editor. Basically you create each frame of an animation using cubes, then have a script create/delete each image in sequence to appear like an animation. If you run your movement code at the same slowed speed as the animation (every 0.1 seconds), then it matches up quite nicely for a low res retro 3D game. I’m quite fond of this simple flat shaded look, but it lacks the “texture” of a real game world and feels too much like computer graphics to me.
PLAY IT  (arrow keys to walk… thats’ it..)


It struck me that there were no free, simple tile editor tools for unity with the features i wanted. So i learnt to program editor extensions and started on one last night (its not finished yet. just look at that hierarchy!). I’ve been learning low level Mesh manipulation as well, which for those  of you whose eyes just glazed over means i can create and manipulate 3D objects however i want, then put that into games or tools, and let you play with it; so i’ll be trying to make some new tools/games for 3D soon. One of the things which is also my aim for Buildan Shootan is that making things.. making games especially, is really fun – for anyone – but the tools and learning curve are crazy, and scare a lot of people away. I think that is why minecraft was so popular, it’s like Lego, anyone can pick it up and make things without being afraid of the learning curve.

.. it seems this blog has gone some weird places today so lets finish things up with EXPLOSIONS. Thanks for reading.




Tony Eagle: Amateur Skateboarding

ezgif-save (3)

Someone high above must’ve wanted me to make this because i was chatting to some game developers and said “we should totally do a demake competition” then someone told me that there was on (which started that exact day), so i had a ton of games in my head that i wanted to try: crash bandicoot, tomb raider, medievil.. but i decided to try making something i hadn’t really done before, and wasn’t sure i could pull off – skateboarding physics. Skateboarding physics is a tricky bastard to get down with hard code (this is a unity character controller), not to mention trick detection and bails – i lean’t a lot from this and will probably switch up the kind of games i make now.



I made this the other night, maybe someone will enjoy playing it. I like the spacious and crappy feeling to the graphics, like old PC when there was no room for details so there was a lot of space in the sound and graphics for your imagination to fill in the blanks. Not like todays hectic detail crammed games… *takes a sip of whiskey, dons slippers and spits on the ground* damn kids with their AAA games

PLAY IT HERE   (arrows to turn || spacebar to jump)


If you read this blog you might be thinking to yourself “wow this is really poorly written” or “im hungry”.. but you might also think “whats with all these demos?”, these smaller things keep me happy but i can only devote real time to a single project (which is a shame, id like to play with a lot of these ideas) and that’s the bulding/shooting online multiplayer title i have in the ol’ grinder. Keep your eyes peeled (not literally though – that would be horrific)


couple things


ninja game5 reloadbug skeleton lulz

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